Mes Notes Techniques

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Mes notes techniques

Cette section contient plusieurs trucs et astuces tiré de projets que j'ai réalisés. Cet espace est en quelque sorte mon aide mémoire technique. Si son contenu peut vous être utile, tant mieux!

Automatically killing plugin-container when it takes too much memory

I know, I have the wrong habit of having a lot of tab open in my firefox, but this is not the point today. Something, one of these tabs have a flash application running and it sometime tends to take lots of my memory. I can see that, because the process plugin-container

So once in a while, I need to kill the process that takes all my memory (and CPU too). Instead of always doing it by hand, I went on to create a script for that!
Here is my small python script that I've put in my /etc/cron.hourly task:


import subprocess
import signal, os

My technical notes

This sections contains many tricks and howtos extracted from projects I have done. This space could be called my technical notepad for future reference. If its contents can be useful to you, that's a great bonus!

Setting up Dell Open Manage on Debian Squeeze

Just got an old Dell PowerEdge server, that I'm putting to good use by installing Asterisk on it. To see the status of the hardware, I wanted to installed Dell OpenManager on it.

These links provides good basic information for an installation on Debian:

There you can find a repo with version 5.5 of Dell OMSA, which is good enough for my need, but the instructions need to be updated for the next stable release Squeeze, which I currently use:

Here are the additions:

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